New Homes


Building a new home is easier and more enjoyable when you know what to expect next. From the first meeting through each stage to the final inspection.
At NH Constructions we genuinely care and work hard to ensure our clients are able to enjoy every step in the process. Creating your dream from the ground up and choosing a home that suits your family needs, lifestyle and budget.

We provide clear communication throughout the build and can assist with;

  • Designing your new home
  • Town Planning / Building permits
  • Finance options
  • Estate design compliance

As well as guiding you through each step of the build;

  1. Deposit stage
  2. Base stage
  3. Frame stage
  4. Lock up stage
  5. Fix stage
  6. Final payment/completion stage

If you have purchased or own vacant land and are looking for a boutique builder to help you with the next steps of achieving your dream home contact us today.